SII unveils Convenience Timer for Automotive Applications

The S-35710M convenience timer exhibits very low current consumption

SII Semiconductor Corporation, a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments Inc. introduced the new S-35710M built-in 32.768kHz quartz crystal convenience timer for automotive applications in Chiba, Japan.


(Source: SII Semiconductor Corporation)

The S-35710M exhibits very low current consumption as compared to the implementation of the embedded microcontroller timer functions. The S-35710M is suitable for management of relative time*1 and reduces system standby current.


The S-35710M is a 2-in-1X2 timer product with an IC and Quartz Crystal built into a single package reducing the number of external components and producing an accurately matched Oscillator and Crystal.

The S-35710M is suitable for time management during system sleep periodsX3 after engine shut-down. The alarm time can be programmed in one-second increments from one second to 194 days. Using this timer with its ultra-low current consumption of only 250nA, reduces the system standby current.


Influenced by fuel evaporative emission regulations, including EURO 6X4 (Europe), demand for periodic status management during engine shut-down is critical. In addition, blank detection capability is required for electric vehicles to monitor the status of the battery when it is not in use or while charging.

The S-35710M comes in a lead-free and halogen-free 8-pin HSOP-8Q package.

It may be mentioned here that SII Semiconductor Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturer in Seiko Instruments Group, offers analog semiconductor products such as Power Management ICs, EEPROMs, Sensors, Timer ICs, Amplifiers and ASSPs; featuring small size, low current consumption and high accuracy.
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